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"If you are not living on the edge, you are simply taking up space."

We are the Adventure Manufactory team (T.A.M.), inter-continental travellers bringing you the latest in off-beat, off the edge of the map adventures to lost cities, ancient civilisations and undiscovered mountains, deserts and lands. Join us on our blog as we share the excitement, fun and discovery of the roads less travelled. If you have tales, or even a blog of your own, please connect with us, we would love to share the love. And always, read on!

Our latest adventure for you to join us in is the Tajik Rally - Munich to Dushanbe Tajikistan in a car designed for your grandmother. Check it out, there is more than enough action for all!

The Tajik Rally website

Welcome from the boys and girls of the T.A.M. team!

"You know, I don't get it, why does it have to be Tajikistan?..." watch on...