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20/08/2011 2:47 - Munich
Prepared we are! No more padawan-boredomness, now it`s all bazooka-jedi-shit. Already arrived in Munich yesterday (sort of) at five in the morning. After an exhausting day of gathering the last bits of equipment we had a pizza-sized piece of meat for dinner. Bavarians call it Schnitzel. Now we really feel ready to go for tomorrow. Looking forward to meet you all, Haddetschuess.

21/08/2011 11:54 - Austria

Just set up camp a little South of Vienna. Stopped twice with Becker Team on the way with some radiator cooling problems. Heading down South towards Team Malaka tomorrow.

We had a heart breaking goodbye with Nadine and Erwin from Becker-Team today.

22/08/2011 15:35 - Austria

Bazooka off road.
After a heartbreaking split with Becker-Team we slept on a Vienna camp side last night. We're leaving only now, because we had to refurnish an Austrian woman’s living room. She came over and asked us if could help her to carry her couch up a “few” floors in the building across the road, because she bought from her neighbor a few floors down. A “few” floors turned out to be a felt 200 flights of stairs and it didn’t quite stay with the couch, which by the way was a 4-seater and as big as a jumbo. It took us about 5 hours to lug the bitch upstairs. You're welcome Mrs. Schneider. Anyway, off to catch the Malaka boys!

22/08/2011 12:05 - Croatia
Finally managed to get out of Austria, thanks to the military alarm clock and a day on the road.

Pants down at Croatian border: Croatians are pretty keen on defending their boarders - seems like we got a bit of a dope smoking hippie look to us! And how tough getting into Kosovo? Visa, currency, dangers?

Just a stone throw away from the Serbian border now and heading to Belgrade. Our red racer is going as good as ever!

24/08/2011 06:33 - Montenegro
Almost in Montenegro. The landscape is amazing and we can’t really believe that we’re actually still in Europe. Team Malaka is not far ahead now and we’re really looking fwd to catch up with them.

24/08/2011 12:00 - Montenegro
Just parked up in Podgorica, Montenegro and met TEAM MALAKAS! Pretty tired after an entire night driving but definitely worth it. What an awesome drive through some massive gorges down here. Just having a drink and some food to regenerate! Going South into Albania later today.

26/08/2011 13:15 - Kosovo
Neal paying his bet!
After a short detour through Albania we awoke in beautiful Prizren, Kosovo, yesterday morning and enjoyed a hearty Kosovarian breakfast. Then took off into the country with Team Malaka.

The night before, it turned out that Team Malaka had a head shaving bet on (to do with wearing silk pj's downtown), which was calling for action soon. So we stopped in a shady place by the roadside and Neal lost his hair- Yes, all of it! In true team spirit, Lasse followed suit. As if that wasn't enough, the NATO joined security forces turned up wondering what we were up to.

Just after we left Team Malaka to go their way towards Greece, we met some truly magnificent Kosovarians who invited us to their home to have some coffee. Coffee lead to juice, which lead to tea and more tea and eventually to a cool short trip up the mountains. They made time to show us around with some hospitality that one rarely encounters. As with most of these stories, it ended in a restaurant with some traditional Kosovarian food and refreshing beers!

Due to some visa issues we’ve had (we joined the rally too late for that) this is where our story ends, sadly. We are going to head back towards Munich now to tell our tale and to prepare for next year. We’re sure to be back with all the necessary visas next year. We need to finish this mad adventure!

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